Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Bird Box by Josh Malerman

What started as a bizarre news story of violence in Russia, quickly becomes more and more common, all over the world. Maybe it was something they saw.
People start shielding their faces in public, locking their doors, and covering their windows. Soon, no one is going outside unless they have to. No one is looking outside. Then people stop going to work. The Internet stops working. Television and radio stops.
Malorie is raising two children. Alone. Doors locked, windows covered, blindfolds for when they have to go outside to get water from the well. A complicated system of checking nothing comes inside when she does have to open the door.
But today, today they are leaving the house for good.

This is the most compelling book I have read in quite a while. When I wasn't reading it, I was thinking about it. Wondering. I read it in three days, which says a lot, considering those three days included a sleepover of three six year old girls, on top of the usual weekend activities, and my husband was working.

Category: Fiction, Anti-Utopia, Horror

Who'll want to read it? Horror readers, and anyone interested in the psychology of fear, or anyone who wants a thought-provoking novel. It does have an element of supernatural to it, but that is not the focus of the book.

Point of no return: page 1: "The children sleep under chicken wire draped in black cloth down the hall."

Classic line: Page 281: "Then she feels it. Just like when they let Tom and Jules back into the house. Just like when they thought they were letting Gary out.
The Moment Between.
Between deciding to open her eyes and doing it."

Publisher: Ecco

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