Friday, June 28, 2013

Mr Penumbra's 24-Hour Book Store by Robin Sloan

Clay Jannon, 26 and newly employed as a night clerk in a rather odd 24-hour book store, finds himself on a literary and technological adventure. He is determined to solve the "Founder's Puzzle" and its deeper implications.  The story revolves around the quest to explore "Old Knowledge" (stored in books), "Traditional Knowledge" (stored in people's heads) and the internet.  If you are looking for something a little bit different this is the book for you.

Category: Really funny adult fiction for book lovers and technophiles.

Who'll want to read it? Anyone who works in book stores or libraries and those convinced there are timeless secrets and mysteries lurking within them.

Classic line: "He nodded at me and gave me a weak wave. 'What do you seek in these shelves?'
That was a good line and for some reason it made me feel comfortable. I asked, 'Am I speaking to Mr Penumbra?'
'I am Penumbra' - he nodded - 'and I am the custodian of this place.'
I didn't quite realise I was going to say it until I did: 'I'm looking for a job'. pg 13.

Publisher: The Text Publishing Company, 2012

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