Friday, February 11, 2011

Do you remember the Freedom Ride - Australian style?

Well it is on again - 12th February - 26th February, 2011 Forty-one years ago a group of 29 students form Sydney University set out on a road trip around the countryside in New South Wales, Australia. Their aim was to raise awareness of issues affecting indigenous people, especially discrimination and racism. The trip around the outback and coastal towns drew a growing media coverage, after fiery incidents were reported in town after town wherever the road trip stopped. The freedom ride was led by a young and passionate student leader named Charles Perkins. By the time the trip had finished, he was known around the country as a new style advocate for Aboriginal rights. Tomorrow, a group of 30 young people are setting off again to re-tracing the original 2,300km journey made in 1965. They will be finishing up at Newcastle, NSW on the 26th February, 2011. They will be carrying a message stick and recording their journey along the way. They will interview elders in the communities that they visit to see what things have changed in the intervening years. Why not say hello if you see them? The Information and Research Centre library has a book called 'Freedom Ride' by Ann Curthoys. Ann was one of the original riders.
You can borrow the book from Wallsend District Library. For more information about the Freedom Ride see the website at: Freedom Ride website and: Central Coast Youth Connections website Visit Newcastle Region Library's Catalogue and Website.