Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Lake of Dreams

Kim Edwards

Publication Date: 

Family Saga/ Mystery

Who'll want to read it? 

Point of no return: 
Well, it was more of a feeling. The brother's boat was called 'Fearful Symmetry', which up until now I had thought was a clever title thought up by another Author (my heart is beating) ... it is in fact a William Blake poem (also a name of a band, a Spiderman graphic novel and a X files episode)

Classic line:
(In regards to the Suffragette movement) The rights I took for granted seemed suddenly very new, measured against the centuries.

What's it all about? 
Lucy's father died a decade ago and she goes back to her home town to care for her mother and uncovers a secret, hidden in the house's wall cavities.
There was a bit of romance and self-discovery, which was boring, there were 'things unspoken'- in relation to the fathers death, which was mildly intriguing, but the real story was about uncovering and researching the family's past and and learning of the existence of Rose, whose story is tragic and wonderful at the same time. It gave a fantastic insight to the Suffragette movement and it's effect on smaller communities, as well as some insight into women in the church/ religion in the same time period.
The Lake of Dreams was a quick read and kept my interest, I skimmed some of the relationship stuff to find the intriguing parts from about half-way- nowhere as good as 'The Memory Keeper's Daughter', her first novel publisher in 2005.


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Kieran said...

Ruby, I thought you were more of a romantic. I like your review.

Ruby said...

I am a romantic- Lucy should have shacked up with the glassblower- that would have been romantic.

I forgot to mention the scene when she dives deep into the lake in the middle of the night and because there is no moon she doesn't know which direction to swim to get to the surface. It's scary and unreal.

Kieran said...

I see. Yes, romance with the wrong character would be boring.

Joanne said...

I loved the Memory Keeper's Daughter. My list of books-to-read is getting way too long!