Saturday, July 04, 2015

Eve and the runaway unicorn by Jess Black

Feeling bored, Eve explores her Nan's attic. Here the discovery of an old chest and the crystal figurine of a unicorn, transports her into a new world, where Eve and her unlikely/reluctant friend Oscar, meet people in need of their help. Opening the chest has also unlocked the power of a crystal and Eve finds herself with strange new powers and linked to an ancient prophecy to overthrow the evil king and his rangers. 

 Eve and the Runaway Unicorn  is the first book in Jess Black's new Keeper of the Crystals series. In each book the pair are thrust into different and dangerous worlds where unicorns, tigers, dragons and panthers communicate with people and where native communities and their way of life are under threat. Only Eve, the crystals and her new powers can save them. 

Jess Black is well known for her Bindi Wildlife Adventure series, the RSPCA Animal Tales series and The Kaboom Kid series with David Warner. This new series will expand and delight her fans. 

With a strong resilient female character and an ecology message, this series will be enjoyed by children 7+. 

Published by New Frontier Publishing.

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Figgy in the world by Tamsin Janua

Figgy has two problems. One is her name. Nobody in Ghana has such a name. The other is that her grandmother is ill and in need of special medicine. Figgy can’t do much about her name, but she can do something for Grandma Ama. So commence her adventures as she begins to walk to America to bring back precious medicine. Accompanying her is Kwame, her special goat and Nana, a runaway boy who joins her early in her travels. 

With echos of the tone in The number one ladies detective agency, Figgy in the world is an uplifting story of innocence, loyalty and courage. Frequent touches of humour and a rare insight into life in Ghana, carry this beautiful story along. 

A debut novel by young author Tamsin Janu who has worked with children in Ghana, Figgy in the world is short-listed for the 2015 Children's Book Council of Australia's Children's Book Week awards. 

This is not a difficult read, and will be enjoyed by children 7+. It would also make an excellent family or class read. 

Published by Scholastic.

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Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy

Although movies rarely live up to the expectations of a good book, listening to story on CD or iPod can actually bring the story to life. Such has been the experience of listening to Skulduggery Pleasant. Although this series has now been out for a few years, the audio edition by Harper Collins is so brilliant that it deserves to be revisited. Read by actor Rupert Degas, the lilting Irish accents plus the 101 other voices are truly astounding.

The story centers around Stephanie, whose Uncle Gordon,a writer of horror fiction dies and leaves her his estate. However, Stephanie learns that while he may have written horror, it certainly wasn’t fiction. Enter Skulduggery Pleasant, a wise cracking detective, powerful magician, master of dirty tricks and burglary,who is also very dead. In the vein of all good fantasy, they are pursued by evil forces intent of controlling their world as they know it.

For lovers of Artemis Fowl, this is the next series for you, with a continuation of the wry humour, fast and improbable action loved by so many. Don't be put off by the cover with its evil looking skulls. Skulduggery Pleasant fits more easily into a fantasy or even adventure genre than it does horror.

The Skulduggery Pleasant series will be enjoyed by 10-13 year old's as well as teens and adults who love a well written fantasy.

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Monday, June 29, 2015

'Charlie's Country' - Fundraising for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation

The Wollotuka Institute and Newcastle Library invite you to a free NAIDOC Week Event on Wednesday 8th of July  -  a screening of 'Charlie's Country' at the Regal Cinema 7pm followed by a discussion facilitated by Joe Griffin of the Wollotuka Institute.  Raising money for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation, we'd love to see you there!

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Good Reading Magazine - Latest issue!

The July issue of Good Reading magazine is ready for you to read!

Follow the link from the Library website in our e-Magazines resources and it will take you straight to the entire issue for you to read on your computer or tablet. 

In the latest issue of Good Readingread about a young German scientist who is revolutionising the way we think about our health with Gut: The inside story of our body's most under-rated organ. Also check out the profile of prolific children's author and Senior Australian of the Year, Jackie French. You'll read about Michael Leunig's favourite books, and Anne Gracie's valiant defence of the reputation of romance books might have you reaching for one. As always, there's a stack of reviews for recent fiction, non-fiction and children's books to help you find your next good read for all the family.

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