Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Erotic Potential of My Wife

Author: David Foenkinos, translated from the French by Yasmine Gaspard

Publication Date: 2004 in France, 2008 for English translation

Category: Adult fiction, quirky

Who'll want to read it? People who like something different and funny.

Point of no return: First 2 lines: "Hector had the face of a hero. One felt he was always ready to act, to face the dangers of our vast humanity, to ignite the feminine masses, to organise family holidays, to hold conversations in lifts with his neighbours, and, if truly feeling in good shape, to understand a film by David Lynch." pg 10.

Classic line: Pg 19 On Hector's compulsion to collect: "...each collection stirred different emotions in him. Some, such as the pages of a book, were more sensual. Some collections, sensitive ones, of great purity, once gone, became fabulous sources of nostalgia. And other more carnal collections, one-night collections, so to speak, touched on more brutal and physical spheres. That's what it was like with the cocktail sticks. One cannot make a life with a cocktail stick."

What's it all about? I feel I can't do this book justice. Reading it was a very interesting experience in which I felt as though I was reading a book from the same mini-universe as the film Amelie. I am sure that if you loved Amelie, you will love this book.

I'll try to tell you about it. As a result of his apathetic upbringing, Hector is a very sad man. Although he has the "face of a hero", he attempts suicide on the very first page. Maybe the problem is his "chubby calves"? Never mind, he has always been a compulsive collector. Persist through Hector's turmoils and you will see him progress from collecting electoral campaign badges to collecting and storing moments watching his wife - who does not have chubby calves .... (I won't tell you what she is doing. It isn't risque, but this is something you must discover for yourself).

Read it and escape for a little while.

Publisher: Telegram