Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Girragundji

Author: Meme McDonald & Boori Monty Prior

Publication Date: 1998

Category: Children's fiction; Indigenous literature

Who'll want to read it? People who love frogs and those needing to find courage.

Point of no return: It was the front cover that made we want to read this book, but as soon as I started it I knew I would finish it.

Classic line: "A frog! A little, green, tree frog. A beautiful little girragundji. 'Where did you come from?' I'm breathing again. I'm gonna live. 'Where you come from, little fulla?' ....'Big snakes out there, yibulla. You gotta watch out for them big fulla snakes.They can gobble your right up. You stay in here with me, you little darlin'. We can look after each other." pg28-30

What's it all about? A boy growing up and experiencing bullying, first love, problems at home and the looming threat of "The Hairyman" - a bad spirit playing tricks in his house. Things pick up when he finds the little gree tree frog who gives him so much courage. The book has beautiful evocative photographs throughout and would be a great read for 8-10 year olds.

I read this book a few years ago and it's one of my favourites. I but bought myself a copy at Sydney Writers' Festival in May - how could I resist when Boori Monty Pryor was there to sign it for me? What a wonderful, interesting and hilarious man. I can't wait for his new book, illustrated by Jan Ormerod,  Shake A Leg which is coming out in October this year.

By the way, My Girragundji  was the winner of the Book of the Year for Younger Readers prize, Children's Book Council Book of the Year Awards 1999.

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

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