Friday, June 25, 2010

The Family Law

Author: Benjamin Law Publication Date: 2010 Classic line: There are so many classic lines, one doesn't know where to begin. From Benjamin's mother giving graphic descriptions of childbirth (enough to frighten any who would like to remain cool and aloof in the face of giving birth) to Emu horror stories to confused interpretations of the Holy Spirit. What's it all about? Some of you may have read Benjamin Law's work before, he is a senior contributor to Frankie magazine and also has had work appearing in The Monthly, Qweekend, Sunday Life, The Big Issue, New Matilda and The Courier Mail.
This is a book about Benjamin's life and family. It was, for me, a time of hysterical almost embarassing fits of laughter, combined with moments that made you wish you knew this young man and could give him a giant bear hug and tell him that everything's alright. It is a beautiful, honest and fun-filled journey that we take with the Law family, it really made me appreciate all the weird quirks and kinks of my own family in a new way.
The Family Law is simply brilliant, in the words of Dilmah "Do try it!" Publisher: Black Inc
To find out more about this wonderful young Australian writer visit his website

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