Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Shiralee

Author: D'Arcy Niland Publication Date: 1955 Category: Classic fiction Who'll want to read it? People who have seen one of the movies and never read the book; people interested in Australian bush culture in the 50s, who aren't afraid to accept the attitudes of the day. Point of no return: Page 1: "He had two swags, one of them with legs and a cabbage-tree hat, and that one was the main difference between him and others who take to the road, following the sun for their bread and butter." Classic line: Page 135: "'I'll walk along the road, and all the roads, and keep going on the roads 'cos I know you always walk on the roads and I'd find you.'" - Buster What's it all about? Macauley is an itinerant worker, who has burdened himself with his four year old daughter, Buster. Macauley walks the roads of outback New South Wales, searching for the next job. Buster becomes more and more of a burden, as job sites prove unsuitable, and Macauley finds it difficult to stay out of trouble.
Publisher: Angus & Robertson

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Kieran said...

I found the original film very moving - the book must be fantastic. I went through a swaggie phase as a child, often dressing down and "camping" around bits of vacant land (I only ever stayed about 10 minutes with my pickled onions and buns). I even got to meet an ex-sundowner who rather admired my ambitions.