Friday, June 20, 2008

The Bookaholics' Guide to Book Blogs

Author: Compiled by Rebecca Gillieron & Catheryn Kilgarriff Publication Date: 2007 Category: Non-fiction Who'll want to read it? Curious people Point of no return: I didn't read this book in any order, but page 34 grabbed me when "online personas" were discussed: "Of course there are those that have no illusions about themselves, 'Grumpy Old Bookman' is hardly casting himself in the most flattering light, neither are 'Bourgeouis Nerd' or 'Old Hag' and some might be put off for quite different reasons by the self-proclaimed 'Bookslut' or 'Fiction Bitch'". Classic line: Chapter heading, page 149 "Riot Lit and the Literary Groups Who Blog" What's it all about? All aspects of literature and blogging, from "Why do people blog?" to the tension around the issue of newspaper reviews vs blog reviews. There are more people out there talking about books than I realised. Publisher: Marion Boyars Publishers Ltd


Anonymous said...

May i borrow it if you still have it?


Anonymous said...

OK - put a reservation on it. I'll bring it back on Tuesday.