Thursday, October 08, 2015

Value Your Mind

On Friday, October 9, the Newcastle Region Library along with Ability Links, Compeer, Headspace, Newcastle City Youth Advisory Committee, Samaritans Community Youth Development Project and Vinnies Youth will be hosting a special event and expo to wrap up Mental Health Week. This event will consist of street performances, music, Circus Avalon, street art and much more.
Running alongside this event will be an expo of information, agencies and support services available for young people needing assistance in this area. The expo will take place in City Library from 12pm, agencies confirmed to be participating in the expo are Alesco, Oasis Hunter, New Horizons,  Hunter Institute of Mental Health, Youth Mental Health Project, Headspace and CAMHS.
The performances will start at 4pm, and will take place in Laman Street as well as City Library.
The main message of the Value Your Mind campaign is to encourage all individuals to think about how mental health exists in their daily life & promote the need for all individuals to make mental health a priority in their daily lives. When we make our mental health a priority, we are practicing self- care which is an important part of our daily living to ensure the maintenance of a balanced wellbeing.

The event is specifically aimed at young people and raising awareness about how this message is relevant to them.


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