Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Phryne Fisher's electronic adventure!

Stuck on the train with nothing to read?
Forgot to borrow the latest Miss Fisher from the library today?

Your doctor is running over an hour late for your appointment
and you've left your Phryne Fisher book in the car?!?!
(which is parked 20 mins away!!!)

Our eBook library is here!

Newcastle Region Library have all the Phryne Fisher mysteries available as eBooks and ready to download through EBL (Ebook Library). To log in and start downloading click here

So have your iPad, eReader, tablet, phablet, smart phone, PC, pearl handled pistol and PIN at the ready to read, download and enjoy Miss Fisher mysteries wherever you go!

Here is my review of the latest Phryne Fisher:

Title: Unnatural Habits
Author: Kerry Greenwood
Publication Date: 2012
Category: Mystery

What's it all about? Three young and very pregnant girls go missing from a lying-in home in Melbourne. A pushy and highly ambitious reporter decides to search for answers in all the most dangerous places, only to get abducted herself within 24 hours. Everyone, including Jack Robinson, is decidedly nervous and so Miss Fisher with the aid of her helpful household brood is on the case.

I confess that I am still reading this book so I cannot provide a full analysis, but I can say that I am reading this with deliberately slow relish, like sipping a divine cocktail concoction from Mr Butler, I simply don't want it to end.

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

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