Saturday, May 05, 2012

The Name of the Wind

Author: Patrick Rothfuss

Publication Date: Copyright 2007; Trade paperback published 2009

Category: Fantasy

Who'll want to read it? Beautifully written, this book will appeal to a wide audience of readers, even those who only like to read fantasy now and then.

Point of no return: The prologue, A Silence of Three Parts, in which silence is described as a hollow, echoing quiet; a small, sullen silence; and the greatest silence of all: "the patient, cut-flower sound of a man who is waiting to die."

What's it all about? Kote is an innkeeper in a small town in the middle of nowhere. Or rather, Newarre.Times are bad, roads are less travelled, business is slow. A travelling scribe happens upon the inn, or so it seems. He has actually been seeking it out, searching for the innkeeper. To be more precise, searching for Kvothe, a seemingly legendary arcanist and warrior, to write his story. The true story of Kvothe would be worth much, in reputation and in coin.

Kote, or Kvothe, as that is who he really is, decides to grant Chronicler's request (with some provisos), and begins the tale of his life. He says it will take three days. This book covers the tale he tells on the first day.

The usual tale of a hero made from humble beginnings is quite different in this book, as Kvothe is slightly mocking of his younger self, unabashedly describing his superior ability to learn, comprehend, and retain knowledge, of all sorts. He admits to padding his reputation, but sticks to facts in his tale, and is not afraid to admit his mistakes, or go into detail about them.

Publisher: Daw Books, Inc.

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