Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cocaine Blues (the first in the Phryne Fisher series)

Author: Kerry Greenwood

Publication Date: First published in 1989 by McPhee Gribble Publishers. This edition published in 2005

Category: Mystery

Who'll want to read it? This is a great, quick read, full of fast-paced action and drama. It is slightly over the top, but in a good way, and I found myself grinning quite a lot. Phryne Fisher is outrageous, and FUN!

Classic line: Page 107:
Phryne unbuttoned the brocade robe.
'If you try to take me to any station,' she declared in a cold, remote voice, 'you will have to take me like this.' She dropped the robe and stood revealed, quite naked, pearly and beautiful.

What's it all about? The Honourable Phryne Fisher is a completely audacious single young lady in the 1920s, striving to escape the tedium of the upper class. When given an excuse to travel (back) to Melbourne, and engage in a bit of sleuthing, she leaps at the opportunity. Investigating cocaine smuggling, illegal abortions, and poisonings certainly add some spice, as do the interesting cast she encounters, including a (gasp!) female doctor, two revolutionary taxi drivers, a homicidal maid, a pair of exotic Russian dancers, and the very cream of Melbourne society.

Publisher: Allen&Unwin

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Kieran said...

Thanks for this review. I've always overlooked the Phrynne Fisher books, but you've made this one sound quite tantalising.