Thursday, September 08, 2011

Technology Explained!

Libraries represent an important gateway to learning about computers, the internet and digital literacy. With limited access to equipment and internet connections at home, the library provides a safe and welcoming environment where you can keep up with these rapid changes in technology and the digital world.

Technology Explained: The ABC have created a website where technology is explained by providing non-commercial and factual information on social media, mobile phone broadband, streaming & downloading, growing trends in the digital world. It introduces new concepts about how to watch, listen, socialise and engage online and it is well suited for beginners through to more tech-savvy people.

If you feel that you’re not ready to delve into these topics yet, perhaps you might like to create an account with Dynamic Learning Online by using your Newcastle Region Library card number. It’s free to do, and the best thing is, you decide how fast or slow you complete the training! Topics covered include how to use a computer, introduction to the internet, email and word processing.

Contact your local library for more information!

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