Wednesday, December 15, 2010

High Tea with Jane Austen

On Wednesday 8th December, 30 of Wallsend's most dedicated Jane Austen fans flooded Wallsend District Library to celebrate all things Austen.

From High Tea with scones and wildflowers to trivia and voting for their favourite Austen character, all who attended had a lovely morning immersing themselves in Jane facts and fun!

Mr Darcy won as the favourite (a huge suprise) and we were treated to some tales of saucy seduction in our writing competition about Darcy and Elizabeth's happily-ever-after honeymoon. We had lots of accomplished ladies, as well as regency maids and aristocrats gracing our tables and vying for a place in our costume competition.

All together we had a wonderful morning, with everyone getting into the spirit of the event. A big thank you goes out to all our patrons who constantly support our events and make them something to remember, this is what the library is all about!


The Fresh Ingredient said...

Looks like great fun! Well done to all involved.

Kieran said...

Yes - it's like storytime for grownups. I'm sorry I wasn't able to be at this event. I just love that the Wallsend District Library customers get so involved in the events out there.

Joanne said...

It was fantastic! I must remember to fill out a comment card. The two ladies at our table kept commenting on how wonderful it is that Wallsend Library has activities for adults. One of the ladies said that she has lived all over Australia, and has never before come across a library that offers anything like it. "Everything is always for the children, which is important of course, but it is so wonderful to have something for us adults!"