Friday, November 26, 2010

Rediscover Marilyn Monroe

Two gorgeous recent releases will delight Marilyn Monroe fans.

The first is Fragments: poems, intimate notes, letters by Marilyn Monroe, edited by Stanley Buchthal and Bernard Comment. Fragments is a manuscript lover's dream - a collection of notes, letters and poems written in Marilyn's own hand. Each piece is copied in the book and transcribed on the opposite page with notes and explanations. The book gives us an intimate insight into Marilyn Monroe, highlighting her sense of humour, her despair, her perfectionism and her charm. Each section is complemented with rarely seen photographs.

Marilyn August 1953: the lost Look photos by John Vachon, text by Brian Wallis, is another treasure trove for lover's of things lost. John Vachon was sent to Canada in 1953 by Look magazine to do a story on Hollywood in Canada. Marilyn was on location to film River of No Return. Due to a broken ankle, Marilyn was unable to film, giving Vachon days of access for his Look piece. The result is a stunning portfolio of images her fans will adore - Marilyn on crutches by the poolside, on a ski lift and many more. My favourites are the ones taken with Joe DiMaggio, especially the one with her cheekily poking out her tongue.

Both of these books are held at Wallsend District Library and can be reserved by either ringing the library on 4985 6680 or on-line via our catalogue.

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The Fresh Ingredient said...

They sound glorious - good acquisitions!