Sunday, September 27, 2009

Love Letters

Author: Katie Fforde Publication Date: 2009 Category: Romantic Fiction Who'll want to read it? People who need a lovely romantic escape. Point of no return: I thought the decication sounded quite promising: "To Ireland and Irishmen, this is for you!"
Classic line: "Listen, if you don't want to find out, with demonstrations, exactly what the Blarney Stone and meself have got up to, I'd go to the shop in double-quick time." pg 231
What's it all about? Laura works in a bookshop which will be closing in a matter of weeks. She soon finds herself thrown into a different world, helping to organise a literary festival and traipsing across Ireland to personally ask famous recluse Dermot Flynn to be their star attraction. There's love, friendship and seduction. There's also conflict and confusion, but not without the inevitable reconciliation. If you are a Katie Fforde fan you will know I'm not giving anything away there. Yay! it's another fabulous book you'll find yourself wanting to read until 2 am. Publisher: Century

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