Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Good Thief

Author: Hannah Tinti Publication Date: 2008 Category: Fiction Classic line: 'I studied Latin with a man who had no teeth at all', said Tom. 'He always smelled like lavender soap but he was a smart old codger.' 'How did you pay for that?' Benjamin asked 'My mother cleaned his house', said Tom 'She paid for all my lessons that way.' 'Too bad she isn't here' said Benjamin. Tom stopped scrubbing, his mouth set in a line. Then he put the tooth down and reached for the bottle. What's it all about? Ren's name had been sewn into the collar of his nightshirt: three letters embroidered in dark blue thread - Ren, inhabitant of St Anthony's Orphanage, New England, lost his mother? lost his father? lost his left hand - most definitely. But what does the future hold for Ren when he is claimed by his lost brother Benjamin Nab? Hannah Tinti's debut novel spins a tale of mystery, of adventure, of loss and longing, set in the dark and seamy world of nineteenth century America, a tale full of perceptively drawn characters - Benjamin Nab, Tom and Dolly - of dangerous and extraordinary locations. Beautifully written, The Good Thief a very Good Read. Publisher: Headline Review

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