Thursday, December 11, 2008

Camino footsteps: Reflections of a journey to Santiago de Compostela

Author: Kim and Malcolm Wells
Publication Date: 2008
Category: Travel/Biography/Religion
Who'll want to read it? Anyone who likes travelling
Point of no return: Title - on my list of things to do before I DIE !!!!!!!!

What's it all about? This is a warmly written book revealing the cities, towns and history as they walk the Way of St James. "Camino de Santiago". Kim describes their experiences as pilgrims trekking along the section of the 798km walk they travelled. It is illustrated with photographs by Malcolm which makes it a more enjoyable read with the feeling you are part of their spiritual journey.Not written as a guide book but does have a section on planning tips at the back.

Publisher: Freemantle Press

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Anonymous said...

This is one on my list to read - you've convinced me to get around to it much sooner. It sounds beautiful. Thanks for sharing