Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Author: Michael Herr Publication Date: 1977 Category: Memoir, Autobiography, Journalism, War Who'll want to read it? People interested in the Vietnam War, fans of Rolling Stone magazine, people who like 'Gonzo Journalism' (such as Hunter S Thompson's works) Point of no return: "Going out at night the medics gave you pills, Dexedrine breath like dead snakes kept too long in a jar." Classic line: "'Boo-sheeit! Ain't never gettin' hit in Vietnam.'
'Oh no? Okay, mothaf***er, why not?'
''Cause,' Mayhew said, 'it don't exist.' It was an old joke, but this time he wasn't laughing." What's it all about? Fans of Apocalypse Now and Full Metal Jacket will recognise moments in this book, because Michael Herr was co-writer of both of those movies. Herr was in amongst the action covering the Vietnam War back when 'embedded journalists' meant something entirely different. Herr recounts his adventures along with cameraman Sean (son of Errol) Flynn, with a style that could almost be described as hallucinogenic. It's very evocative, and anyone interested in war or Vietnam should not miss this book. Fans of Hunter S Thompson or Rolling Stone in its glory days will want to pick this title up if they haven't already. One of the most important works to come out of a horrible war. Publisher: Picador

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