Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Paddy the wanderer

Author: Dianne Haworth

Publication Date: 2008 (extended edition)

Category: Memoir

Who'll want to read it? Dog lovers, history lovers, humour lovers

Point of no return: Front cover, because I once had an Terrier cross named Paddy, who was a bit of a wanderer himself.

Classic line: "He was just a dog who captured the heart of a city." pg 215

What's it all about? Set in Depression era New Zealand, this is the story of a dog who made his home on the wharves of Wellington. Paddy's story is aimed at children, but will appeal to anyone who loves dogs. This intelligent and charismatic dog was so well loved that his licence was paid for by wharfies, cabbies and seamen every year. Paddy's adventures include stowing away on coal ships bound for Newcastle and Sydney, rescuing his mates, performing tricks in pubs for food and flying in a Gipsy Moth. The Museum of Wellington City & Sea now houses a permanent "Paddy the Wanderer" exhibit.

Publisher: HarperCollins

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