Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Flowers of Ballygrace

Author: Geraldine O'Neill Publication Date: 2006 Category: Family Saga Who'll want to read it? Those who have read others by O'Neill & those who enjoy Maeve Binchy, or the "aga saga" Point of no return: Chapter Three Classic line: He paused for a moment, thinking, then he shook his head. 'You women are all the feckin' same - ye say one thing and mean another. And it's not fair - for us lads are left like eedjits trying to make sense of it all.' What's it all about? A family living along the Grand Canal in County Offaly, Ireland in the late 1950's. As the two adult children form relationships of their own the widowed "mammy" must find her own focus for life again. Deftly describes a period of social change in rural Ireland in this time, and describes the area around Tullamore, Daingean etc., incredibly well. Publisher: Orion


Anonymous said...

have you been there?

Kieran said...

I think she probably has. Sounds like a good book. Love the quote.

Mary said...

Ballygrace doesn't exist, but I was married in the town called Croghan, and had the wedding reception in Tullamore. I know the area well...............and recognise the style of character, I think they modelled them on my dad!!!!!!!!!!!!