Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Pat's Picks from 2013

Today we are letting you in on a little secret. Pat, our lovely Branch Manager at City Library is a great source of book recommendations. Pat has shared her reading list for 2013, complete with star ratings. I concur with Pat's ratings for The Dunbar Case, Roll With It and The Rosie Project (my favourite of them all!). I'll have to catch up on the rest of the titles.

I've highlighted the titles you can borrow as eBooks from our eCollections. Happy Reading!

Gold Digger    Francis Fyfield ***1/2
The Dunbar case (e)    Peter Corris ****
The Killing 2    David Hewson ****1/2
After wife    Polly Williams ***1/2
Gone girl (e)    Gillian Flynn ***1/2
Bay of fires    Poppy Gee ***1/2
Dead mans land    Robert Ryan ****
Dead girl sing    Tony Cavanaugh ***
A dying fall (e)   Elly Griffiths ***1/2
Cold Red sunrise (e)    Stuart M. Kaminsky ***
Roll with it  (e)  Nick Place ****
The holiday murders (e)   Robert Gott ***1/2
Life, death and vanilla slices    Jenny Eclair ****
Elemental    Amanda Curtin ****
The Rosie project (e)    Graeme Simson ****
The golden calf    Helene Tursten **1/2
Long live the king    Fay Weldon ***1/2
The twelfth department    William Ryan ***1/2
Three graves full    Jamie Mason ***
The cuckoo's calling    Robert Galbraith ***1/2
The red road    Denise Mina ***1/2
The ways of the world    Robert Goddard ***
Standing in another mans grave    Ian Rankin ***1/2
Getting warmer    Alan Carter****
The curiosity    Stephen P Kiernan ***1/2
The ravens eye (e)   Barry Maitland ***1/2
The humans    Matt Haig ***1/2
Night film    Marisha Pessl ****
Fallout    Gary Disher ****
Mr Chen's emporium    Deborah O'Brien ***
My brilliant friend     Elena Ferrante ***1/2
Stasiland  Anna Funder ****1/2
The all-girl filling station's reunion  Fannie Flagg ****

Silent kill    Peter Corris ***1/2

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