Monday, June 18, 2012

The Other Side of Underbelly with Andrew Rule

On Wednesday 6 June 2012, about 40 people braved the cold and wet to come to Wallsend District Library and hear Andrew Rule speak.

They were well rewarded! Investigative journalist, co-editor of the Chopper series, and co-author of the Underbelly series, he has written, published, and edited over 30 true crime books.

Joanne and husband Scott with Andrew Rule
Andrew was a fantastic speaker, charismatic and highly entertaining. He regaled us with tales of clandestine publishing, seedy underworld figures, the wonders of substandard book glue and some additional back story for a few of the Underbelly characters. He related to us some amazing meetings and conversations he has had with some of the colourful criminal figures he has written (and not written) about, and gave us an insight into what it is like to get established as a writer, an investigative journalist and a pioneer of true crime writing in Australia.

Andrew Rule, enchanting the crowd

Andrew's talk was part of the events for the National Year of Reading. You can find more events, all across Australia, here.

Visit Newcastle Region Library's Catalogue and Website.

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